Cup Mystery Box
Cup Mystery Box
Cup Mystery Box
Cup Mystery Box
Cup Mystery Box
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Cup Mystery Box

Get 2 cups for the price of one, they'll each come in a unique surprise glaze!
(Both glazes will be chosen at random)
Available until sold out.

Our Mystery Box

Who doesn't love a good mystery box? Treat yourself (and a friend?) to a pair of Reusable Ceramic Travel Cups!

With our Mystery Box, you’ll be stepping up your sustainable journey, gifting a good habit (no more single-use takeaway cups), helping reduce single-use plastic waste, and making a conscious and sustainable purchase all whilst saving 50% on your goodies! So it's good for your bank account and great for the planet! 

PLAY GLAZE ROULETTE & GET 2 CUPS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! ( 18th May 9:00am AEST to 21st May 9:00am AEST)

You can choose your preferred size in cups (both cups will be the same size) but the glazes will be complete surprises! 🎉 Each Cup will have its own unique glaze!

It's the perfect opportunity to stock up on reusable coffee cups or get that extra cup for a loved one!


Your mystery box will include a variation of 2 of the following glazes:

Crystal Cascades
Love Potion 
Sexy Lime 
Raspberry Beret
Rainforest Jasper

Pottery For The Planet Cups are made of ceramic and must be handled with care. We high-fire all our products for added durability but ceramic will crack if dropped.

Specifications are approximate with slight variations in size, weight, shape, texture, pattern, and volume. Pottery For The Planet Cups have been designed to fit into cup holders for cars and prams.

4oz  - height 8-9cm, volume - 120ml, weight - 160-180g
6oz  - height 8 - 9cm, volume - 180ml, weight - 180-220g
8oz  - height 10 -11cm, volume - 240ml, weight - 220-260g
12oz  - height 12 - 13cm, volume - 354ml, weight - 260- 320g
NOTE - specifications are approximate. Height includes the lid.

*Mystery Box does not include Solar Cups