Pottery For The Planet


Your morning cuppa just got better – for you and the planet.

We're using our influence and creativity to tackle climate change and make a big difference to your morning cuppa.

We've got ninety-eight solar panels were installed on our Pottery Studio in Noosa, harnessing enough solar energy to power the kiln and run the operations side of the business.

This amazing technology has enabled us to now fire zero-emission products and expand our range with unique colour combinations.

Furthermore, we want to inspire other businesses to become leaders in clean energy-powered manufacturing and individuals to rethink their carbon footprint and how they can reduce emissions.

We're been partnering with The Climate Council, Australia's leading climate change communications organisation, to drive climate action, educate individuals with accurate and scientific information, and provide solutions to reduce emissions.

Head over to their homepage now, to get the latest resources on climate change!

Harnessing renewable energy
Introducing our solar logo

watch out for this logo to identify your new climate-friendly accessory

Pottery For The Planet

Our Journey

Check out our video and learn about how we managed to harned renewable energy to create Australia's first solar-fired ceramic travel cups

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