Pottery For The Planet exists to contribute to the Earth’s long and healthy life. Through beautiful, unique designs and high-quality, handmade products, we aim to inspire a new consumer culture that values made to last over made to be landfilled.

Single-use mentality is something that society has to move away from as quickly as possible if we hope to create a sustainable future for generations to come” - Renton Bishopric

Our Values

We're steadfast in our mission to pioneer the journey towards an accessible sustainable lifestyle for all. Guiding us on how we get there are our six values:
01 Sustainability

We prioritise and pioneer efforts to protect the wellbeing of the earth, focusing primarily on providing solutions for consumers to eradicate single-use products from their lives. We take real action to ensure our own environmental responsibility and aim to inspire others to do the same through our products and practices.

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02 Creative Expression

We innovate, experiment and challenge the status quo. Whether it’s in how we design a new glaze or tackle single use culture, creativity is in everything we do. Creative thinking is what makes change.

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03 Commitment

We have the courage to dream big and to dedicate ourselves to those dreams. We hold ourselves accountable, act with transparency and are unwavering when it comes to our purpose.

Learn more about our current sustainability commitments and processes here and our ongoing goals below.

04 Education

We are always learning and always sharing what we learn. We aim to inspire our customers, as well as other businesses, to tread more lightly on the planet.

Get started now and explore our blog or read this article on why single use is better than disposable.

05 Connection - People & Planet

We are of service to people and our planet. We advocate, design and are in business for both because the actions of the individual affect the collective. We all call the same beautiful planet home and a community working together can ensure it stays healthy.

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We make sure our goals align with our values and this is reflected in everything that we do, whether it is production, operations or dispatch.
Hand Holding Reusable Coffee Cup With Another On A Wooden Table
2. Supporting Circular

We want to encourage a circular economy based on investing in things that last and can be kept, used and loved forever. We designed the Borrow Cup system to enable cafes all over Australia and New Zealand do just that! Using our Travel Cups, we help venues set up a reusable Cup Library that their community can use in place of single use coffee cups. Just like a library, customers can get their drink in a Borrow Cup and return it on their next visit.

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Our Footprint Commitments
Pottery Studio And Warehouse With Solar Panel

Adopted renewable energy solutions like solar power, green energy purchases from the grid, passive solar design, and natural lighting in our Noosa studio.

Hands Holding Medium And Large Travel Bowls

Our efforts to reduce waste is best practice, with our entire business model designed around eliminating single-use items and promoting reusables.

Ceramic Studio Store Front With Pottery For The Planet Sign

Our warehouses enable us to reduce transportation distances. This results in significantly lower emissions for our operations when compared to other businesses according to Australia Post.

Shredded Cardboard Recycled For Packaging

Use effective waste minimisation strategies, recycling programs, and even a worm farm for composting.


Commitment is one of our values here, which is why we’re not stopping there. We have ambitious plans to make our operations cleaner and greener!