Pottery For The Planet

Our story

We started Pottery for The Planet a few years ago making limited edition pottery pieces to raise funds for environmental causes. We decided to do something about the single use plastics issue and started making our reusable coffee cups to reduce waste and landfill.

We are both very passionate about the environment so a few years ago we came up with the idea because neither of us like using paper cups, ever! It's all about trying to promote people to get a handmade, local and sustainable product that is all to do with reducing waste.

Every time someone buys one it's one more big pile of paper cups that we aren't going to see in landfill. It's time for the disposable culture to change! Our aim is to remove single use disposable cups from our coffee culture by creating a beautiful product that will be loved and used again and again and help reduce the amount of throw away cups going into land-fill every day.

Handmade from vitrified ceramic and fitted with a 100% silicone lid, these beautiful cups are a sustainable alternative to throw away coffee cups. It is estimated Australians waste about 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year. Every Planet Cup in use will prevent the wastage of hundreds of throw away cups annually.

Grab a cup, fill it up and become a part of our sustainable coffee culture!

Renton, Claire & The Pottery For The Planet Team.
Pottery For The Planet