The small, daily decisions we make have a big impact on the future of our Planet.

Our Purpose

Pottery For The Planet exists to contribute to the Earth’s long and healthy life, by eradicating single-use culture and plastic waste across the globe.

“‘Single-use’ mentality is something that society has to move away from as quickly as possible if we hope to create a sustainable future for generations to come” - Renton Bishopric

Our Mission

Through beautiful, unique designs and high-quality, handmade products, we aim to save over 10 million disposable coffee cups going into landfill each year.. 

We will continue to innovate in order to bring new products to market that will further reduce single-use waste across the globe.

Our products are intended to create exponential awareness and inspire positive action as they spark the conversations we need to have in cafes and beyond.

Our Values

Sustainable business practices:

We do business how we do life - ethically, sustainably and creatively. Our products are all handmade by our potters with a lot of love and care infused into each unique vessel. 

All boxes used for packaging are made from recycled cardboard, and wherever possible, all other packaging materials are re-used byproducts from other businesses and consumer waste.

We have implemented local initiatives to share, re-use and repurpose packaging (check your next delivery for random materials!)

By operating a wholesale model and consistently reassessing transport options, we provide the opportunity for consumers to buy locally and minimise freight packaging and carbon emissions.


We partner with grassroots organisations who are working tirelessly to impact massive change. Dedicated portions of sales from custom-designed Planet Cups are given directly to the causes and organisations we support.


To achieve the mammoth task of saving the Planet, we need to work together. None of us can do this alone, yet each of us is responsible. Through respectful conversation and education, we can challenge the prevalent “Single-Use Culture” and impact positive change.

Our collaborations with our customers, stockists and the businesses we trade and share reusable resources with are always top of mind.


We create beautiful, quality products that make it easy and desirable for anyone and everyone to step away from single-use culture. Through our online store, considered stockist collaborations, and conscious exporting, our products are widely and readily available.


We always look at any product, plan or problem with creative curiosity. We encourage fresh ideas, inspired designs and brilliant solutions from our team, stockists and customers. We don’t cut corners - there is always a way to achieve the desired outcome within our values set. 


Humans have an inbuilt ability to follow the leader when it comes to change. It’s up to those of us working to change the culture that harms our Planet to get up and LEAD! We commit to continually leading the conversation, and in doing so, creating more leaders to make a tangible difference.

“It's about changing a culture that is now ubiquitous around the world. The best way to do this is from a grass-roots level, having conversations with people and challenging them to make the commitment to change” - Clare Botfield

Organisations We Support

The Great Barrier Reef is at the forefront of suffering as a result of environmental change. Given that most of our team at Pottery For The Planet live on the Queensland coast, and many have grown up enjoying the Great Barrier Reef and our oceans, our concerns are naturally focused on protecting these natural assets from the effects of plastic pollution and climate change.

We are currently aligned with these non-government organisations who are working hard to save the reef and clean up our oceans:

Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS)

We are an ongoing Silver Corporate Sponsor with AMCS, donating monthly to their campaigns. In addition, we collaborated with AMCS to design the Turtle Cup in support of this worthwhile cause. $5 from the sale of every Turtle cup goes towards supporting the projects and campaigns of the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

Stop Adani: 

One of the highlights of 2019 has been working with the #stopadani campaign to create a custom Planet Cup that has raised over $20,000 for the campaign to date, as well as creating awareness in the wider community every time people use their cups. 

Our History

Pottery For The Planet is the creative love-child of Renton Bishopric and Clare Botfield. These two artists and passionate activists were drawn together through environmental campaigning back in 2006, and have continued to campaign (and do life) together ever since... read more


Our Supply Chain Partners

As more and more people stepped up to reduce single-use waste by buying a Planet Cup, we had the opportunity to expand our operations and include close family friends in our simple supply chain. We’re proud to be able to share this experience with partners around the world, who mean the world to us...  read more