We have two studios located in Noosa and Dunsborough. Meet the artists who work in them to make Pottery For The Planet possible! Our handmade ceramics are imbued with their passion for the craft and perfected by their attention to details.
Man At Pottery Wheel Holds Up Ceramic Cup In Production

Renton Bishopric

A second-generation potter, Renton learned the trade at an early age from his parents, who at the time of his birth had recently established. In his 20s he was inspired to follow in his parents footsteps and after five years of training as a production potter, he set up his own studio in 2010.

The excitement of sitting down at a pottery wheel and bringing a new form to life remains the highlight of Renton's week, finding particular enjoyment in seeing the entire ceramic process unfold from a ball of clay to a finished product. Renton feels fortunate to have been able to create a business that offers creative freedoms, encourages learning and is constantly working toward sustainability goals.

Woman In Pottery Studio Holds Hose Tool Over Ceramic Cups In Production
Bigna Roner

Bigna began her journey at Pottery For The Planet in 2021. Following her dream of producing her own pottery, Bigna left a career in hairdressing and now enjoys all of the different components that come with the creation of ceramics.

Bigna describes pottery as being therapeutic and practices patience and creativity in her workings. We love her particular appreciation for the experimental, natural, and hands on elements, characteristic of the art form and essential when creating each unique pottery piece.


Pottery For The Planet’s founder, Renton Bishopric, is continuing a family legacy in our work with The Toans, a Vietnamese pottery family. Renton’s family began working in Vietnam in 2003, when his parents stumbled across a small ceramics village while travelling. Amazed by the diverse and extremely high-quality work that the local potters were making, they began designing products with a couple of local pottery studios, to be exported to sell in the couple’s Australian gallery.
More than a decade later, Renton and The Toans are thrilled to be carrying on their collaboration.
Five People Standing Outside Ceramic Pottery Studio Under Sign That Reads Toan Family Studio

The Toan’s small, family owned and operated studio is an inspirational place and Renton loves the time he spends in Vietnam developing new designs and glazes with the team there.

Their expertise in slip cast molding and jigger and jolly molds has also allowed us to bring new additions to the Pottery For The Planet collection, bring Tableware to the Australian restaurant market and continue to meet the growing demand for single-use plastic alternatives.

The head of the business, Mrs Toan, is the first woman in Vietnam to export ceramics and heads a predominantly female management team. Mr and Mrs Toan’s son and daughter assist in business relations. Together, the whole family supports the ceramic trade, the skill development of their team and helps us bring more Pottery pieces to you!

We’re grateful to work with and be inspired by these masters of the craft!