Pottery For The Planet

Welcome to New Zealand wholesale ordering.

Thanks in advance for your order. Please complete the order form below to place your order. 

Wholesale orders come in mixed packs based on product availability. You will receive a mixed bundle, with most of the designs selected being from your chosen colour collection.

How it works : Choose your Colour Mix Collection as listed in the order form below and we will pick the majority of cups in your order from that collection. You will also receive some designs that are not in the collection. This way you will receive a good variety of unique products to cater for your diverse customers. You can see examples of the colours usually included in each Colour Mix Collection in the NZ wholesale range PDF. Click here to download the latest update.

You will be able to add your specific requests via the order form. Once your form is received we will email you an invoice for your order including freight.

If you have any questions or need any assistance with your order please shoot us an email nz@potteryfortheplanet.com