Welcome to New Zealand Wholesale Ordering

Thanks for supporting the Planet with us! Please complete the form below to place your order. 

A couple of things before you get started:


The minimum wholesale Cup order is 30 Cups. Box sizes increase in increments of 15 Cups.

Cups come in boxes of mixed glaze designs, based on product availability. Most designs we hand-select for your order will be from your chosen colour collection. 

You'll also receive some designs that are not in the collection. This way you'll have a great variety of unique products to cater for your diverse customers. Click here to see examples of the designs in each Colour Mix Collection.

If you order a House Mix (no colour preference), our packing elves will choose a fine selection for you (they're very stylish elves, we're sure you'll love the selection).


Wholesale Bowl orders are packed in boxes of 20. The minimum order is 20 Bowls. 

Bowls come as a House Mix only. You'll receive a good selection of all available colours in the range.

How it works:

1. Fill out all your contact details on the form

2. Select the quantities you'd like in Cups, Bowls and extra items

3. For Cups only, choose your Colour Mix Collection (listed in the order form below). Click here to see examples of the designs in each Colour Mix Collection

3. Add any specific requests to the order form (we can't always honour special requests due to packaging and availability restrictions, but we'll do our best)

4. Once your form is received, we'll email you an invoice, including freight

5. We'll ship your order on the next available dispatch date after we receive your payment

6. You'll unpack your beautiful new Pottery For The Planet stock and wow your customers with your excellent taste and contribution to the Planet!

If you have any questions or need some help with your order please shoot us an email nz@potteryfortheplanet.com or call our message our WhatsApp +64 225937219