Pottery For The Planet
The recommended retail price for our standard Pottery For The Planet Cups is $35 and limited edition Mandala Cups retail for $39.
Pottery For The Planet Cups and Lids are both dishwasher safe however we recommend that you wash your cup and lid by hand after each use to keep it extra safe and avoid something falling against your cup in the dishwasher.
Usually coffee’s with milk are made around 60deg c which isn’t usually too hot to hold, but if you like your coffee extra hot or your are using your Pottery For The Planet Cup for tea or a long black you may find the ceramic gets a bit hot. You may wish to purchase an additional Silicone Heat Band to go around your cup if you think it might be too hot to handle.
Pottery For The Planet Cups are designed to fit into most cup holders in cars and prams. You can see the full size specifications listed in every product description.
We restock the Pottery For The Planet Online Store every time we unload our kilns which is several times a week. We do our best to keep all of our designs in stock but we have our stockists to take care of too so if something is out of stock, check the website again in a few days and you might find it has been restocked again.
At this time Pottery For The Planet Cups are only available in Australia but we will be soon offering international shipping soon so keep an eye on the @PotteryForThePlanet Social Media channels for updates.
Pottery For The Planet Cups are packaged and posted using 100% recycled paper and cardboard, paper sticky tape and we also use a lot of second hand packaging materials. You can expect your cup to come in a cardboard box filled with both new and second hand paper and materials. We use some materials that are donated to us by businesses in the local commercial industrial area. The materials that we repurpose and re use would otherwise be considered waste and go straight into landfill.
Each and every cup that comes out of the kiln is different and this is the beauty of purchasing a unique, handmade product. There is no way to photograph each and every one. There are all kinds of things in the process of making a Pottery For The Planet cup that will cause variations in the resulting “look” of the glaze. This can be anything from the texture on the surface of the clay when the cup is made, to the humidity in the air when the glaze was applied or to the position of the cup in the kiln. We try to capture the various “looks” in our glaze variations in our product pictures and in the product descriptions in the online store but ultimately variations in size, colour, pattern and texture will occur and that is what makes each and every one of our cups unique and special. The bottom line is that you are purchasing an artisan product, not something that has been mass produced in a factory and ultimately there is truly no two Pottery For The Planet cups the same!
The lines you see in the glaze on some cups is due to “glaze crazing” and is a perfectly normal feature of many glazes. Don’t worry, glaze craze is not a crack and will not affect the functional or hygienic aspects of your cup. Don’t be alarmed if the glaze on your cup continues to craze over time, this is also perfectly normal. Glaze crazing occurs in some glazes where the shrinkage rate of the clay differs to the shrinkage rate in the glaze resulting in a beautiful crackled, sometimes eggshell effect. The thickness of the glaze application will determine the amount of crazing, if any so not all of the cups will feature a craze. Many of our designs may feature crazing including Glacier, Angelic, Ocean Bliss, Sage and Honey Pot.
Our team will begin picking and packing your orders as soon as we receive them. If you realise you have made a mistake with your order please email us at potteryfortheplanet@gmail.com immediately with the title ORDER CHANGE and your order number and details. We will do our best to help you out but if your order has already been packed then there is nothing we can do to change your order. Thank you for your understanding.
We recommend you take care when choosing your cup. We don't usually offer exchange because packaging and posting ceramics is a delicate business. We do our best to package our cups well so that they don’t get broken in transit but even so, many break on their journey. We would hate for you to send your cup back only for it to break on the way here resulting in the awkward situation where we can’t replace it for you if it arrives back in pieces. It’s too risky, trust us!
Currently our cups are available in selected Cafes and homewares stores Australia wide. We also have our own shop, Cinnabar Soul in Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. You can check our full list of stockists here or order through our online store if there is no Pottery For The Planet stockist in your area.
Most stockist will have heat bands for sale, otherwise you can purchase them through the Pottery For The Planet Online Shop.
Pottery For the Planet Cups are available in selected cafes and homewares stores Australia Wide. Please check our stockist list here.
At this stage Pottery For The planet Cups are only available within Australia but keep an eye on our Social Media channels @PotteryForThePlanet the announcement when we introduce our first international stockists.
Australia post expected delivery times are as follows; East Coast 2 - 3 working days.  West Coast 4 - 5 working days.  Norther Territory and Tasmania allow up to 10 days You can track your parcel with the provided tracking number in your confirmation email.
We use EParcel through Australia Post for delivery and this service is classed as Priority Mail, we don’t offer an express option at this stage.

We do our best to package our cups very safely but sometimes accidents happen. Don’t worry, we will replace all Pottery For The Planet Cups that have been damaged in transit. You will receive instructions in your order on how to claim a cup that had been broken in transit. You can also find these instructions here.
Pottery For The Planet Cups are high-fired to 1260 degC - vitrified stoneware. This means they are designed for commercial use and can withstand high temperatures and fluctuations from zero to 100 degC or more no problem, provided the cup isn’t damaged. Pottery For The Planet Cups are made of ceramic which is durable and suitable for hot or cold beverages and transportation, however if you drop your cup it will break. If your cup gets knocked against a hard surface it will crack. You can read our tips on caring for your cups here. We check and test all of our cups before they are packaged and sent and can guarantee that no cups leave our studio with hairline cracks or defaults.
You could try Araldite (two part epoxy glue) to glue your cup back together, as we have done here before with favourite broken pieces. If you have glued your cup back together we would not recommend using the cup for warm or hot liquids anymore. Whilst Araldite will provide a strong repair these adhesives will start to soften with temperatures above 60 or 70 degrees C. So you can keep your repaired sentimental cup as a show piece but best not to use it for hot liquids.
Yes! We would love to help you to get your office or organisation into reducing waste by helping you out with a bulk order. To find out more send us an email to potteryfortheplanet@gmail.com with your request
Yes, Pottery For The Planet stocks selected Cafes and Homewares stores Australia Wide and we are working as hard as we can in the studio to keep cups on their shelves so we can only take on new wholesale accounts occasionally. If you contact us regarding becoming a stockist we will add you to our contacts and we will ONLY be in touch should we have a spot available.
We love to help but unfortunately we can’t help with every cause. Our chosen cause is Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS). Pottery For The Planet is a business sponsor for AMCS which means this way we donate money to AMCS monthly so that we can help fund all the great campaigns they are running to look after our precious oceans. You can check out what they are up to on their site.
Always wash your cup after use to avoid staining the silicone lid. Always transport your cup with the lid on to protect the rim of the cup. The Rim is the most fragile part. If you have popped your cup in your handbag, remember not to drop your bag down on the floor, you’ll likely cause your cup to crack with the impact. Remember ceramic is durable but it will break if knocked or dropped so handle it with care. If washing your cup in the dishwasher be sure nothing is going to fall or bump against your cup while it is washing. If you have a build up of tea tannons or coffee inside your cup, soak it in vinegar over night and give it a good scrub.