Wish you had your own personal Christmas Shopper? We have the next best thing! Our Christmas gift guide is brimming with gift-giving inspiration to help you sleigh Christmas this year ๐Ÿ›ท๐ŸŽ„. There are gifts for her/him/them, for mum, dad, friends, family and even bub! Whether youโ€™re shopping for the eco-minded, the super stylish, the kitchen whizz or a decor diva - we have gifts for everyone and every budget! What are you waiting for? Get your Christmas shopping done and dusted with the gift guide below! ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ

Gifts Under $25

Mini Vases

A set of Mini Vases are ideal for tiny spaces or to highlight certain features of a room. Think guest rooms, bathrooms, coffee tables, van fit-outs and more!

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Small Vases

A set of Small Vases will brighten up any space! Select from our wide range of glazes and choose your Vases, for petit decor details in home offices, bathrooms, bookshelves and beyond!

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Dessert Bowls

Elevate any dining moment with one of our Dessert Bowls. Perfect for the sweet tooth in your life, this Bowl is ideal for DIY sundaes, or as a cozy movie night companion loaded with popcorn.

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Gift Under $50

Mountain River Cups

A limited edition Travel Cup that wonโ€™t last! This special glaze was crafted to mimic the meeting of water and earth, with ashen off-white and river blues streaming over an iron-coloured body. Bring a touch of earthen aesthetic to your beverage to go!

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Travel Bowls

A truly one of a kind gift! Our range of Travel Bowls (both Small and Large) will have your giftee wondering why they ever settled for plastic takeaway containers! A sustainable alternative that doubles as an Instagram-worthy picnic piece or an enviable lunchbox.

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Condiment Bowl 4 Set

Crafted for condiments but limited only by your creativity! A set of Condiment Bowls to be used for dips, sauces and dressings on the table, and off the table, styled as candle holders, jewellery dishes or for loose change/keys.

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Gifts under $100

Spring Roll Set

Featuring a Dip Condiment Bowl, Chopsticks and Dinner Plate, this set is excellent for appreciating alongside great-tasting, high-quality sushi or spring rolls! Use the Dinner Plate to serve and a Dip Bowl for soy or sweet chilli sauce, made complete with our NEW reusable wooden Chopsticks.

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Chip N Dip Set

With a Serving Plate for loading with chips or crackers and a Dip Bowl for accompanying condiments. Whether they are team hummus or team guacamole, set is sure to please solo snackers and hosts alike!

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Mum & Bub Set

With a full-sized Travel Cup (6oz-12oz) of your glaze choice for Mum and a matching or complementary mini 4oz Travel Cup for her mini! Cute (and environmentally friendly) as can be!

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Gifts over $100

Sushi Set

A gift fit for any gourmet, with a Serving Plate, paired with 3 of our Condiment Bowls. Add a contemporary touch to a dish โ€‹โ€‹that originated between the 5th and the 3rd centuries BC!

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Salad Set

The Pour Condiment Bowl makes dressing your salads a delight, with its elegant leaf hand shaped for pouring. Coupled with the Large Salad Bowl which makes for easy entertaining with a touch of flair.

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Fermentation Crock

Part piece of art and part functional kitchenware - Fermentation Crocks make ideal gifts for the health nut or at-home chef in your life. Each Crock is made up of a graceful two-piece lid and pot combination, with ceramic weights to keep food below the brine surface, making a complete fermentation set.

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Still not sure what to gift?

Gift your loved one a moment to peruse the entire Pottery For The Planet range for their favourite piece - give them a Gift Card. They will love getting to explore our one of a kind, artisanally crafted ceramic wares.

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