Our Climate Council Partnership

by Ella Smith on December 01, 2022


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Fighting For The Planet With The Climate Council And Our Solar Fired Cups

Over the last six months Pottery For The Planet (plus our community of stockists!) and The Climate Council of Australia, have been involved in a collaboration to raise awareness on Climate Change through the crafting and sale of our Solar Fired Reusable Travel Cup range!

This market-leading range of sustainable Travel Cups was launched on World Environment Day 2022 and their production is entirely powered by the 98 solar panels on our Noosa Pottery Studio roof. Our classic and traditional clay throwing techniques are elevated by the contemporary, climate-friendly energy source used in the production of these Cups. It is our hope that they highlight the need for change in industrial practices and encourage a shift towards onsite renewable power generation and use. Of course, they're also a practical addition to your sustainability toolkit!




We are proud to be an Industry Leader with our investments in renewables which are now capable of supporting industrial manufacturing processes -  proving that the technology has the capacity to run commercial scale operations.


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As fossil fuel use is phased out in the coming years, renewables will continue to replace outdated practices. It is up to businesses to forward the implementation of these changes as soon as possible to support the movement for cleaner energy. 

The Climate Council, is “Australia’s own independent, evidence-based organisation on climate science, impacts and solutions,” and they are spearheading this movement. They link leaders, businesses and individuals to initiate and scale change. Their educational campaigning on important climate change issues and solutions, and work with our governments at every level, is aiding in the facilitation of a rapid transition away from fossil fuel reliance. It is their vision to see Australia achieve net zero by 2035, one we are overjoyed to get behind.

It is critical for our planet and all of its inhabitants that organisations like this are supported! Everyone can be a supporter as we transition to a cleaner world for all Australians.

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Over the last 6 months, we raised $2000 in our Climate Council collaboration! A number we are excited to continue growing with our Pottery community’s help! You can join the movement, support climate action and reduce your personal environmental impact by purchasing your very own Pottery For The Planet Solar Fired Cup, or support your small local business by visiting a Pottery Stockist to find our Solar Fired range. Find your nearest stockist below! 👇🏼 


The Climate Council is a courageous catalyst propelling Australia towards bold, effective action to have emissions plummet during the 2020s and hit net zero by 2035. You can find out more about their inspiring work, learn more about renewables and find handy resources below!