A Guide To Our Christmas Gifts 2021

by Pottery For The Planet on November 22, 2021
Tis’ the season for GIFT GIVING! The best feeling ever right? With our guide to sustainable Christmas gifts you’ll feel extra nice about gift giving this holiday season!

We have short-listed some of our Sustainable and Reusable Products for your shopping ease. So if you’ve been dreaming of a green Christmas, our Christmas gift guide has you covered!

First Things First!

TRAVEL CUPS! These Reusable Coffee Cups are the perfect ceramic cup for drinks on the go.

Did you know Australians throw out 2.7 million single-use or disposable coffee cups every single day? Yikes! But don’t stress, we have the perfect solution to ditch the single-use culture and break up with plastic waste.

Enter our beautifully handmade, unique, and high-quality Travel Cup!

Sip your coffee or tea while lifting yours and your loved ones sustainable game! With over 30 Different glazes and sizes, there’s enough variety to suit everyones unique style, making them great Christmas Gifts!

The Perfect Pair!

We’re all across the alternatives for single-use coffee cups, so why not take your sustainable journey to the next level with our handmade ceramic Travel Bowls?

Imagine your fave meal sitting pretty in one of our gorgeous Travel Bowls. It’s basically like Plastic Tupperware got a HUGE sustainable and environmentally friendly makeover!

These Bowls have been made from the earth for the earth, and now you have the opportunity to gift our Reusable Travel Bowl to those you hold near and dear!

Pair our Travel Bowl with our Travel Cup and Bippidi-boppidi-boo you’ve got the perfect sustainable and reusable combo! Now those are Christmas gifts with PURPOSE!

One For The Homebodies

Take-away this and take-away that but what Christmas gifts are for the homebodies out there?
WELL… you guess it, we’ve got Christmas Gifts for them too!
Hello stunning, handmade, ceramic Mugs!

These Mugs make the perfect personal Christmas gift for your loved ones, nothing says home and comfort like a Mug. All the best things come in them right? Shout out to our warm beverage enthusiasts! If your Christmas vibe is anything like ours, and you’ll be up super early unwrapping Christmas gifts under the tree, then a nice Mug of coffee is definitely essential. 

Spill The Tea (Or In This Case Pour It)

Here’s the inside scoop - Teapots are an elite Christmas gift!
You’re guaranteed to be thought of by your giftee every time they go to pour their fave aromatic blend! With a massive range of sizes and glazes we’ve got tea for many, tea for three, tea for two, or tea for just you!

Our Teapots are so nice to look at, that they double as a decorative piece for your loved ones homes. You can also mix and match your Teapot with our Mugs because nothing says I love you like a warm brew!

You Can’t Beat A Christmas Feast!

That’s why our Tableware Products are perfect as Christmas gifts.

Why eat out when you can eat until you have to undo a button (or two) in the comfort of your home, without missing out on the glitz and glam of eating out.

Our Tableware range will easily make left overs look good, piece of Christmas Pud!

Speaking Of Making Things Look Good…

Dec(orate) the halls… or the living room, office, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, I could go on forever - with our Vases!

We have a wide range of Vases that are sure to brighten up any space. They’d be a really sweet Christmas gift paired with some pretty flowers! 

So You’ve Got Your Sustainable Christmas Gifts, Now What?

That’s the wrap, no really, it’s all in the wrapping! Aussies alone use more than 150,000km of wrapping paper during Christmas, so let’s make sure we’re wrapping up our Christmas gifts sustainably. Heres How:

• Store and reuse last years wrapping paper!
• Paper bags are your best friend!
• Use our brown packaging paper or even newspaper!
• Revamp our brown packaging paper by making stamps out of bubble wrap & Environmentally friendly paint!
• Add Natural Touches (dried flowers & twine work a treat)
• Ditch the paper all together and use your sheets and pillowcases! 

So You Haven’t Got Your Sustainable Christmas Gifts And Have No Time To Wait For Shipping, Now What?

Check out some of our stockists, find your nearest and go shop up a storm!


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