Welcome to our Ceramic Studio!

Here you can learn all about our potters and the art behind ceramics. Our handmade ceramics are something very special as every product is uniquely one of a kind. Infused with our potters' passion for the craft, these pieces really come to life, making them especially precious.

Renton is a second-generation potter, learning the trade at an early age from his dad, Steve Bishopric. In his 20s he had returned from overseas travel and saw his his parent’s lifestyle with fresh eyes and decided he wanted a part of it.

After five years of training as a production potter he set up his own studio in 2010, beginning the journey that he is still on today. This gained momentum in 2012 when he and his partner Clare started Pottery For The Planet.

The excitement of sitting down at a pottery wheel and bringing a new form to life remains the highlight of Renton's week, finding particular enjoyment in seeing the entire ceramic process, from a ball of clay to a finished product.

Renton feels fortunate to have been able to create a business that offers creative freedoms and encourages knowledge and mentorship all whilst constantly working toward sustainability goals.


Stephen has been a Potter here at Pottery For The Planet since the business was established in 2015. His over 30 year long career in pottery first began in 1990, after he wrote a list of professions he would prefer over his Plumbing job at the time. When Stephen is not at Pottery For The Planet, he dives into his creative sculptural practice.

Though the reasoning behind Stephen’s passion for pottery is ever changing, he harnesses a respect for the history of the ancient art form and finds comfort within the creation of it. Stephen enjoys the simplicity and fluidity that comes with clay and glazing with glazes made from clay and wood ash.


Elliot’s journey into pottery began in the kitchen.

Working as a Chef he was surrounded by beautiful tableware and quickly developed an interest in the development of Pottery. Led by his inspiration in Japanese Pottery, he began teaching himself how to throw on his first wheel - bought from his local op shop.

His partner then introduced him to Renton Bishopric (Co-founder of Pottery For The Planet) where his career as a Potter began. Elliot has been in the industry for over 3 years with his passion being led by his inspiration toward creating functionality.


Bigna began her journey at Pottery For The Planet in March 2021. Following her dream of producing her own pottery, Bigna left a career in hairdressing and has since enjoyed all of the different aspects and components that come with the creation of pottery.

Bigna describes pottery as being therapeutic and practices patience and creativity in her workings. She holds an appreciation toward the experimental, natural, and hands on elements that come with the art form of creating each unique pottery piece.