Shino-Yaki Ceramic Mug

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Our Mugs are uniquely handmade with love!
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Stoneware Mugs 

Our potters have been busy in the studio crafting and glazing these stoneware mugs.
The Shino-Yaki mug is produced by our very own potters Stephen Roberts and Rob Natoil.

The name Shino-Yaki is a Japanese term for a particular style born in the 16th century during the Golden Age of Japanese pottery. Shino ware was widely sought after for its humble aesthetic and suited the wabi-sabi style of the Zen Buddhist tea masters.
Shino glazes can be a combination of thick snow-white to red scorch marks and each Shino Yaki Planet mug varies in these characteristics - not one is ever the same. Each mug honouring and resembling the ancient techniques of pottery.
Stevie first used Shino glaze when working for Ian Reid at Flaxton Gardens Pottery and continued to learn about Shino Yaki with friend and mentor Rowley Drysdale. He had the privilege of seeing some of the original Shino pottery in Japan.
This beautiful, ceramic keep mug takes us back to a time in history before plastic, where art was shaped from the Earth.

All stoneware mugs are one of a kind. You will receive a mug similar to those pictured but there are no two the same, with variation in size, colour and markings - but that's what makes these handcrafted pieces unique! 

Pottery For The Planet mugs are made of ceramic and must be handled with care. We high-fire all our stoneware mugs for added durability, but all pottery will crack if knocked or dropped.

Specifications are approximate because although we do our best to keep things uniform being handmade you can expect variations in size, weight, shape, texture, pattern, and volume. 

Small-    height 8-9 cm, volume 236ml, weight - 190-230g
Medium - height 9-10 cm, volume 295-354ml, weight - 230-270g
Large - height 11-12 cm, volume 473ml, weight - 270- 310g

Made in Australia.
Mugs do not fit travel lids.

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