Ceramic Cup with Floral Design 8oz
Ceramic Cup with Floral Design in hand
Two Ceramic Cups with Floral Design in Hand
Two Ceramic Cups with Floral Design in two hands
Two Ceramic Cups with Floral Design
Ceramic Cup with Floral Design 6oz
Ceramic Cup with Floral Design 12oz

Secret Garden Ceramic Travel Cup


Ceramic Coffee Travel Mug

Our signature reusable ceramic coffee cup meets a special edition glaze in Secret Garden. 

Made in collaboration with our Vietnam studio partners, Secret Garden is crafted from start to finish in the small, family-run business of the Toan family. Headed by Mrs Toan and her predominantly female team, the studio gives women in Vietnam opportunities to develop their business skills and a financially stable future. 

Each Secret Garden cup is a little ode to craftswomanship - we’ll drink to that! You can read more about our studio partnership here and learn more about the Toan ceramic studio and Thang, the talented Vietnamese designer and artist who created this cup, in our blog.

With its travel lid and cup-holder-friendly base, this cup is perfect for drinks on the go. Or, remove the lid and add your new favourite pottery vessel to your at-home collection.

Click here to grab a Heat Band for your reusable cup - if you like your drinks hot!

This limited edition glaze is Thang’s unique take on a traditional style of Vietnamese pottery decoration specific to the north of the country. This beautiful ceramic travel cup will enhance your morning pick-me-up with elegant hand-painted florals on a creamy backdrop. A special addition to the Pottery For The Planet range, this is the only cup to feature this kind of glazing detail on the outside and inside of the cup. 

Each cup is made of ceramic and must be handled with care. We high-fire all our mugs for added durability, but all pottery will crack if knocked or dropped.

We value each piece being handmade over complete uniformity and as such there are always slight variations. This means your mug is unique and that the below specifications are approximate.

4oz Piccolo Cup - height 8-9cm,  width 6.5-7.5cm, volume - 120ml, weight 160-180g
6oz  - height 8 - 9cm,  width 7.5-8.5cm, volume - 180ml, weight 180-220g
8oz  - height 10 -11cm,  width 8.5-9.5cm, volume - 240ml, weight - 220-260g
12oz  - height 12 - 13cm,  width 8.5-9.5cm, volume - 350ml, weight - 260- 320g
NOTE - specifications are approximate. Height includes the lid.

Made in Vietnam


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