Outback ceramic mug large
Outback ceramic mug large in hand
Man holding Outback mug close up shot
Outback Mug Group shot against tree
Man sipping Outback mug
Outback ceramic mug medium
Outback ceramic mug medium in hand
Outback ceramic mug small
Outback ceramic mug small in hand

Outback Ceramic Mug


Outback Ceramic Mug 

Our Mugs are uniquely handmade with love!
We are expecting more glazes soon, but in the meantime, you can explore our full range of Ceramic Mugs here.

Our potters have been busy in the studio making and glazing these handmade ceramic mugs.

Experience the Great Australian Outback with every sip from this beautiful ceramic mug.  Inspired by the  Outback's deep blue horizon that runs over the red, rust coloured Earth. 

Imagine the dust settling, as the sun begins to set when the wild Australian landscape comes alive and our native colours thrive.

All ceramic mugs are handmade and one of a kind. You will receive a mug similar to those pictured, but no two the same, with slight variations in size, colour and markings - but that's what makes them unique! 

Pottery For The Planet Mugs are made of ceramic and must be handled with care. We high-fire all our mugs for added durability, but all pottery will crack if knocked or dropped.

Specifications are approximate because although we do our best to keep things uniform being handmade you can expect variations in size, weight, shape, texture, pattern and volume. 

Small-   height 8-9 cm, volume 236ml, weight - 190-230g
Medium - height 9-10 cm, volume 295-354ml, weight - 230-270g
Large - height 11-12 cm, volume 473ml, weight - 270- 310g

Made in Australia
Mugs do not fit travel lids.

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