Better Tasting Coffee.. but how?


It’s not your imagination, your coffee really does taste better in a ceramic keep cup!

 It doesn’t get much better than experiencing that very first sip of your morning coffee, the gentle aroma as you bring your cup towards your mouth and knowing that you’re going to be able to tackle whatever the day ahead throws at you. So, it goes without saying then that you want your coffee to be the very best version of itself right!?



Our sense of taste is complex, and multiple studies have found that everything from a drinking vessel’s texture, size, shape, even down to its colour has an impact on perception of the beverage’s flavour. Presentation plays a crucial role in how a drink tastes, which is why so much love goes into each and every one of our cups, creating a unique and beautiful product that we want you to hold onto forever.

 But, why is it that your coffee really does taste better in a ceramic cup?! First let’s explore some of the other common materials that you are likely to drink your coffee out of:


Plastic - whilst lightweight and convenient, plastic actually absorbs odours and flavours over time and locks them into the cup. The porous nature of the material imparts these flavours back into beverage inside the cup, almost certain to ruin the finer notes of your coffee.


Paper – besides the fact that a single use takeaway cup is terrible for the environment, paper is also a sponge to outside flavours. Because of the treatment used on the paper to make it suitable for hot beverages, when heated it can actually start to smell. With your 6 senses intrinsically linked, this will have a huge impact on taste.


Stainless Steel – great for your camping trip because of its durability, but unfortunately more often than not stainless steel is cheaply finished. This means that the materials used slowly leech into the beverages inside and affect flavour. It has also been cited by Deneen Pottery that there are more than 1000 compounds in coffee that can react oddly with metal and result in some strange tasting notes.


Glass – coming a close second for your coffee drinking experience, glass provides a neutral taste which is exactly what we are after. The shortfall comes in its inability to retain heat, and since coffee changes taste as it cools, maintaining optimal temperature is an essential part in overall enjoyment.


However, if you are after the very best tasting coffee and overall experience, you can’t go past ceramic and here’s the reasons why….



Derived from the earth, ceramic coffee cups are neutral like glass and neither absorb nor impart flavour. Where they come out on top is that this natural material is also able to provide insulation that maintains optimal drinking temperature, and lets your coffee be that very best version of itself.


So now you know that the most beautiful looking keep cup also provides the best tasting coffee, and if you are looking for the very best reusable cup…. Look no further.


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