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Pottery For The Planet cups are handmade from vitrified ceramic and fitted with a 100% silicone lid. These beautiful cups are a sustainable alternative to throw away coffee cups. It is estimated Aussie’s waste over 200 million disposable coffee cups each year. Every Pottery For The Planet Cup in use will prevent the wastage of hundreds of throw away cups annually.

Why Join Pottery for the Planet? 

  • We're able to get large orders out in 3-5 days as we have an awesome team and loads of experience.
  • Every cup is completely unique - there's no mass production other than our sweat and dedication! Each cup is lovingly made with sustainable materials and finished by hand to our very picky standards.
  • Add a point of difference to your cafe - once people see our ads they usually ask their local cafe if they stock our designs. Most of our customers prefer to shop locally where they can see the cups in person rather than ordering online.
  • The numbers don't lie - join the over 350 stockists across Australia and New Zealand making their customers happy with beautiful cups.