Handmade Ceramics and Pottery 

Handmade ceramics and pottery has recently had a resurgence in popularity, from travel cups to tableware – more people and homes are switching from mass produced items to something more personal. Our potters have spent years developing their craft, a work of passion which bears the fruit of an ever evolving ceramic range. So, what has caused this shift back into vogue? Well it’s a growing appreciation of a combination elements.

What makes handmade ceramic and pottery products special?

1) Every Product Is Unique:

Pottery is an art of a thousand variables. Along the journey from clay to table there are dozens of factors which create subtle variations specific to each item. Like humans, art or music these differences are the things which you fall in love with and treasure. No two ceramic pieces are the same, every product is unique.

2) Renewability:

Clay is one of the few natural resources which is being created faster than humans are using it, making it one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. If earth as a collective can continue to search for and incorporate these types of materials into our business practices, we can establish a sustainable economy and world which will be here for generations to come. Handmade ceramic product are truly from the earth, for the earth.

3) Tactility:

When you pick up a handmade ceramic piece for the first time, you immediately notice a depth about it. The sturdiness in your hand, the subtle variations in the glaze and the textures which connect with your fingers all go far beyond the generic product’s we’ve been conditioned to expect. This heightened sense of physicality flows into the meals you share and your connection between table and planet.


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