Ceramic Studio: Behind the Scenes

Hear stories from our amazing artists and collaborators out of the Pottery For The Planet ceramic studio. Learn more about what happens behind the scenes and how the ceramics you love are crafted.

Ceramic Studio: Clare Botfield | Connecting With Handmade Products

Learn about Clare's influences in shaping Pottery For The Planet. She speaks to us about the beauty of handmade ceramics, exploring what makes them so special.

Pottery For The Planet aims to create handmade ceramics which go far beyond the generic product’s we’ve been conditioned to expect.

Ceramic Studio: Elliot Swanson | The Love Of Ceramics

Check out Eliot’s journey from gourmet restaurants to falling in love with the craft of pottery – exploring what he has learnt and where he hopes to take his new found passion for ceramics.

Pottery For The Planet embraces and encourages all forms of personal growth. Whether it be learning more about ways to protect the environment or developing the skills to follow a passion. 

Ceramic Studio: Susie | Working With Beauty

Susie tells us what it’s like working in a pottery studio, getting to spend her days surrounded by amazing art and people. She also provides insights on what customers love so much about ceramic products – exploring the stories behind the pieces.

We’re all unique and we all have different interests, likes and dislikes. Pottery For The Planet embraces this philosophy of individuality, creating one-of-a-kind pieces for everyone to enjoy.