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Forest Moss Green Travel Bowl Small
Forest Moss Green Travel Bowl Large
Forest Moss Green Travel Bowl and Cup
Forest Moss Green Travel Bowl and cup
Forest Moss Green Travel Bowl Small
Forest Moss Green Travel Bowl Large
Forest Moss Green Travel Bowl large
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Forest Moss Ceramic Travel Bowl


A sustainable takeaway container for life!

Earthy Tones are here!

This Forest Green matte glaze falls over raw clay featuring rich, brown speckles. The Forest Moss Travel Bowl comes in two different sizes and is inspired by the beautiful forests that surround us. The Forest Moss Cup was created as an artisan piece for Noosa Open Studios. Made from local clay and handmade by our Noosa potters this bowl holds a special space in our hearts!

Making meals has never been more enjoyable with this pottery bowl with lid.
Meal-prep in style, knowing you are making a difference by choosing to give up those nasty, plastic lunch containers.
Designed to stack, these pottery bowls with a lid make picnic dates, lunch, or dinner a breeze. Your family, friends, and work crew will be on the Planet Bowl wagon before you know it!

Don't hesitate to be a planet advocate!

Black 100% silicon lid.

All pottery bowls are handmade and one of a kind. You will receive a bowl similar to the bowls pictured but there are no two the same. Variations in size, colour, and markings are what makes them unique!  
Pottery For The Planet Bowls are made of ceramic and must be handled with care. Ceramic will crack if knocked or dropped.

Specifications are approximate because although we do our best to keep things uniform being handmade you can expect variations in size, weight, shape, texture, pattern, and volume. 

Small Bowl: height - 5cm, width - 14cm, volume - 360ml, weight - 500g - 600g
Large Bowl: height - 7cm, width - 19cm, volume - 750ml, weight - 900g - 1kg

Made in Australia


  • Specifications are approximate
  • Height includes lid
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Do not seal lid when using in microwave
  • Do not use in the oven
  • Keep lid sealed when transporting
  • Makes for a great ceramic picnic bowl