What Are Borrow Cups + How To Get Them In Your Community

by Ella Smith on June 12, 2023

What Are Borrow Cups?

The Borrow Cup System is a unique initiative that promotes sustainability by offering a reusable cup library for cafes and restaurants. Using Borrow Cups (our best-selling Travel Cups with an easily distinguishable Borrow Cups decal) your fave coffee spots can join the movement towards a greener future.

Here’s How It Works:

How Do Borrow Cups Work?


Benefits For You:

  1. Sustainability: By choosing Borrow Cups, you actively contribute to minimizing the use of single-use plastics, significantly reducing waste and its negative impact on the environment.

  2. Convenience: You no longer have to worry about forgetting your own Cup or washing and drying it on the go! It’s effortless and guilt-free.

  3. Special Offers: get exclusive offers and discounts through Cup loyalty cards at participating cafes.


Stacked Borrow Cups


Want Borrow Cups In Your Community? Here’s how To Get Your Local On Board:

Are you eager to see your favourite cafe or restaurant embrace the Borrow Cups system? Here are our tips and a how-to for getting in touch with your fave venues:

  • If you’re feeling brave, ask in person if the cafe manager has a moment or send an email (we’ve attached a handy template below!)

  • Outline why you think a cup library would benefit the community. We love, for instance, that they reduce waste and the need for virgin materials! Not to mention, they don’t shed microplastics or harmful chemicals like the lining on single-use cups can.

  • Mention our borrow cups, which come with an easy guide, social media extras, optional loyalty cards and other helpful bits and pieces which make implementing a Borrow Cup system easy!

  • Highlight the benefits to the venue like:

    • Cost Reduction: Adopting Borrow Cups eliminates the need for disposable cups, leading to cost savings in the long run.

    • Increased Customer Engagement: Borrow Cups fosters a sense of community and encourages customers to return to their favourite establishments.

    • Enhanced Sustainability: By joining Borrow Cups, cafes and restaurants demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability, appealing to conscious customers who value eco-friendly practices and better their environmental impact!

Example Email (feel free to copy and paste!):

Hey [name of venue] team! I love your venue, its delicious offerings and beautiful space.

I’m getting in touch because I came across something I know I, and I think the rest of your community would appreciate!

Seeing the number of single-use coffee cups used daily that will ultimately end up polluting our community or in landfill, I want to suggest the idea of implementing a cup library at [venues name]. It would be simple way to reduce single-use coffee cup waste by allowing customers who don’t own, or have forgotten their reusable cup to borrow one for their drinks.

If this is something you would consider, I know Pottery For The Planet has created a ‘Borrow Cup’ for stockists and provides them with additional guidance and signage to make using the system easy for staff and customers. You can find out more here.

Not only is it good for the planet, they could benefit you too with:
  • Cost savings through the elimination of disposable cup purchases
  • Getting ahead of further bans on plastics and disposables
  • Increased customer engagement and loyalty
  • Enhanced sustainability appealing to environmentally conscious customers and helps keep our community clean
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


Cafe Cup Library Borrow Cups


Additionally, consider sharing resources like Marine Conversation Society’s summary of Australia’s ongoing bans on single use items (including coffee cups) or Clean Up Australia’s informative blog detailing the impact of single-use and growing support for change from consumers.

Want Your Own Reusables?

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