Our Sustainable Business Practices

by Ella Smith on February 19, 2023

Sustainable Australian Business Practices 

Pottery For The Planet is a values-based, sustainable Australian business, founded by two artists and advocates for the natural world. Since we started crafting our environmentally friendly Reusable Travel Cups in 2015, it has been our mission to replace single-use plastics with Pottery to last a lifetime. We strive to make these pieces as functional as their single-use counterparts, while also blending traditional ceramic techniques with updated sustainable business practices. Read more about what we're doing and what we're aspiring to achieve with your help!

What is a sustainable business? We believe it’s one that addresses every detail, from materials to production and shipping. From design to your door.


Renewable Energy For Australian Sustainable Businesses



  1. Solar: In pursuit of cleaner, greener energy, we created our Fired By The Sun Range of ceramics. These pieces are crafted using an electric kiln powered by the 98 solar panels of our Noosa Studio. Not only do they power our kiln, they also meet the electrical needs of our warehouse, office, and showroom.

  2. Reusables: With growing awareness of the detrimental impacts of single-use containers and plastic, we’ve been able to expand our collection of Reusables. Making single-use alternatives that are sustainable as well as stylish is key to changing Australia's throwaway mentality. This mission has informed our design process. Our Travel Cups, Travel Bowls, and Iced Coffee Cups have 100% silicone lids, and are dishwasher and microwave friendly, making them as easy to use as single-use items without the environmental or personal health concerns.


Pottery For The Planet Sustainable Business Studio



1. Wholesale system: Our Pottery can be found in over 500 locations across Australia! This enables us to work with other Aussie businesses to get more Pottery and reusables out into the world, and also allows customers to shop in store, reducing the need for individual items to be shipped. Use our Store Locator to find your nearest stockist.

2. New Zealand: Our New Zealand warehouse helps us reduce emissions from shipping orders individually from our Australian warehouse to our beloved Kiwi stockists.

3. Western Australia and South Australia: We also have a Studio and warehouse in Dunsborough, WA, which supplies our stockists across WA and SA, reducing the mileage and associated environmental emissions that would result from supplying exclusively from our Noosa Studio.


Environmentally Friendly Business Packaging



These are small sustainable business steps, but every one counts on our collective journey to creating a greener future for all!

  1. Recycled boxes and packaging: Whenever possible, we recycle boxes and packaging materials from other local businesses, using what would otherwise be wasted and preventing further demand for planetary resources.

  2. Paper tape: We introduced paper tape in 2022 to eliminate the need for non-biodegradable plastics.

  3. Box shredder: This handy dandy machine helps us keep our packaging plastic free and to recycle! It turns old cardboard boxes into softer, flexible sheets of cardboard which we use to wrap our ceramics - snug and safe until they get to you.


Green Sea Turtle Reusable Coffee Cups With Australian Marine Conservation Society



We are always exploring potential partnerships with other like-minded environmentally friendly businesses and organisations that share our love for conservation and advocacy.

  1. The Australian Marine Conservation Society: Most of our Pottery team reside in coastal Queensland, where the ocean is a big part of our lives and inspires many of our creations. We donate $5 from every sale of our Green Sea Turtle Cups to the AMCS, who are fighting to eradicate ocean plastic - a mission we love.

  2. Climate Council: We donated 50% of the profits from our Solar Fired range to the Climate Council's efforts - an independent, evidence-based organisation using climate science to further impacts and climate crisis solutions.


2023 And Beyond Goals

These initiatives are only the beginning, but we're proud of everything we've done so far and can't wait to kick some more of our sustainability goals. In 2023 and beyond, we hope to:

  1. Further reduce our carbon footprint.
  2. Fire more glazes and products in solar kilns.
  3. Partner with more local businesses and organisations to create awareness around the need to ditch disposables for good.

We love to see how you are upping your sustainability game, tag us in your efforts on socials! We are always looking for suggestions, tips and new information on this fight to save our planet, get in touch with us on socials (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok) or via our website if you have anything to share! 

At Pottery For The Planet, we’re proud to know our team and community is also “for the planet”. Living or doing business more sustainably is a journey. We can't thank you enough for being part of ours - and letting us be part of yours.