15 Easy Ways to Go Plastic Free

by Pottery For The Planet on July 16, 2020

With its status as a World Surfing Reserve and popular holiday destination for Australians and overseas visitors, our beautiful hometown of Noosa has a lot of great reasons to go plastic free. Keeping our Noosa oceans pristine, marine life safe and healthy, and national parks clean for our native animals is a high priority. The people of Noosa have worked hard to preserve and protect our coastline from pollution and overdevelopment, earning us an international reputation for our immaculate surf. However, when it comes to plastic pollution, there is still work to be done to prevent plastics piling up in landfill, and sneaky microplastics entering our oceans.

Many Noosa businesses are taking measures to reduce their single-use plastic waste, an initiative that is supported by the amazing people at Plastic Free Noosa.

“OUR VISION is for Noosa to become a community where it is easy to avoid unnecessary single-use plastics, because it simply isn't available anymore.” 

- Plastic Free Noosa

We also have the benefit of a sustainable tourism focus, with Tourism Noosa focusing on the Biosphere and helping visitors to enjoy the unique offering of “people and nature living together in harmony”.

“Noosa is a rare location that has worked hard to achieve and maintain a globally recognised UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status and we want to celebrate and share this!” - 

- Melanie Anderson, CEO Tourism Noosa

Reusable ceramic coffee cup at Noosa River

It’s encouraging to see so many people and businesses in Noosa doing their bit for the environment. There is also still a long way to go, and we know that Noosa can become the gold standard of environmental care in Australia.

The perfect way to get started, is one individual at a time, one decision at a time. That’s why we’re strong supporters of the Plastic Free July movement. As much as we’d love to see everybody living plastic free every month, the Plastic Free July Challenge is a great way for more people to become conscious of their choices and the impact they have on the environment.

We’re always ready to help and celebrate anyone looking to go plastic free, so we’ve put together a list of 15 easy ways you can go plastic free in Noosa this Plastic Free July (and beyond). 

15 Easy Ways to Go Plastic Free in Noosa:

1. Carry your own water bottle

Plastic water bottles are piling up in landfill and polluting our oceans, harming our marine life. This is a quick switch - there are plenty of amazing reusable water bottles available, and Noosa Council even provides refill stations of filtered water around town. Check out the stylish reusable water bottles by local business Blue Bottle Flasks. BioShop Noosa (in Belmondos) also sell a variety of stainless steel flasks.

2. Shop in bulk

The Source Bulk Foods in Noosa Junction is a favourite with the Pottery For The Planet team. Nothing at The Source is packaged in plastic, and there’s no need to use plastic bags or plastic containers. Bulk shopping for dry goods is the best way to eliminate a large portion of soft plastic waste.

3. Take your own reusable coffee cup

Reusable ceramic cup in cafeMost Noosa cafes will accept reusable coffee cups, and many will even offer you a discount for bringing your own cup! Of course we’re big fans of the Planet Cup from Pottery For The Planet - these reusable ceramic cups come in a range of beautiful glazes to suit your style.

4. Say no to plastic straws

We’re happy to see so many cafes and restaurants in Noosa have stopped offering plastic straws. For those times when you are confronted with a plastic straw, you can say no and use no straw. Or even carry your own stainless steel straw with you for those unexpected smoothie cravings.

5. Carry a non-plastic reusable shopping bag with you

We’re all getting used to keeping reusables bags on hand for grocery shopping. For all your reusable bag needs, you’ll find something perfect at Farmer Drew - online and in the flesh at Noosa Farmers Market. These guys offer cute French market baskets, string bags, reusable shopping bags, produce bags, bulk food bags, bread bags and more.

6. Shop at your local Farmers Market

Noosa Farmers Market is a Noosa icon, and for good reason. The fresh and delicious offerings of local produce make you feel healthy as soon as you step into the market. A great location to catch up with friends, enjoy some locally roasted coffee, and pick up your fresh local produce for the week. As well as supporting local farmers and businesses, you’re saving all those “food miles” by minimising purchases of imported produce.

7. Use your own reusable bowls for takeaway and leftovers

We do it with coffee, why not do it with food? There’s no need to  use plastic containers for your takeaway when you can take your  Planet Bowl from Pottery For The Planet into the cafe or restaurant and have them fill that with your meal instead. Planet Bowls come with a sturdy silicone lid - food storage and a stylish bowl all in one!

Reusable ceramic takeaway bowls

8. Buy fresh bread in a plastic free bag or no bag

 We’re spoiled for choice with artisan bread in Noosa, and we like it! Check out these incredible bakeries, who will package up your baked yummies in your reusable bag or a paper bag:

 Peregian Beach Bakery

Ten Acres available at Eumundi Markets

Tanglewood Bakery

Remember you can also get a bread bag from Farmer Drew and have your fresh bread put straight into that.

9. Check the ingredients and packaging on your personal care products

As well as throwaway plastic packaging, skincare and haircare can often include plastic microbeads that wash down the drain when you use your product and never dissolve. To avoid harmful impact on the planet during your self-care, explore some planet and animal friendly personal care options. We love local creator Ila + Ava, who offer a luxurious range of vegan, cruelty free and Earth-conscious skincare products. 
You can also find an amazing range of natural, clean skincare at The Orangerie in Noosa Junction. The Orangerie team implement a detailed screening process for all their suppliers, ensuring ethical criteria are covered and sustainable ingredients and packaging are on offer. Plus, the in-store experience is blissful. You’ll be inspired to go to the next level with non-toxic living.

10. Choose eco-friendly cleaning products

Refill your containers from natural, bulk stock at The Source Bulk Foods in Noosa Junction. This saves more plastic packaging from going into landfill, and ensures the cleaning product going down the drain isn’t harmful to your family or the environment.

11. Use beeswax or other reusable food covers instead of plastic wrap

You’ve probably seen them at the Noosa Farmers Market, but have you considered using them? We adore the stunning imagery and designs on the Bee Eco Wraps. These beeswax wraps are handmade by the Devine family, who are an inspiration in sustainable living. Bee Eco Wraps are so handy to have to cover your leftovers. You’ll never need to bring plastic wrap into the house again!

12. Use plastic free deodorant

Apart from the many health benefits of using natural, organic deodorant, there are also benefits to the environment in both ingredients and packaging. Check out the range at Noosa Basics, or try the regular or bicarb-free options from No Pong at Organika. You’ll smell delicious and be doing a good deed for Mama Earth at the same time.

13. Give green gifts

Birthdays or other events coming up? Why not pick up a high-quality pre-loved book from the enormous range at Noosa Book Shop? With their generous swap program you can even exchange books you’ve read for new titles at a fraction of the price.

Or find a treasure in one of the many amazing second-hand op shops in Noosa, like Alpha and Omega (Waves of Kindness) in Noosaville.

You can also gift your loved ones with beautiful ceramics from Pottery For The Planet and the option to say no to single use plastics.

14. Wear plastic free sunscreen

Noosa Organic Store Surf Paste is a staple among the Noosa surf community. It contains only natural, certified organic, cruelty-free, vegan and reef safe ingredients. Keep a tin with you to protect your skin and our oceans.

15. Support cafes, shops and businesses committed to plastic free initiatives

There’s lots we can do as individuals to minimise the impact of plastic waste on the planet. But we’re even better together, which is why it’s so important to support businesses who are making the effort to work sustainably and minimise their plastic waste. The good people of Plastic Free Noosa are making it easy for businesses to go plastic-free, with their education and support program. Plastic Free Noosa members have achieved a high-standard criteria for plastic-free business practices and are well worth a visit.


We hope this guide has given you some inspiration to support your plastic-free lifestyle. As you can see, there are so many eco-friendly options in our beautiful hometown - it really is easy to go plastic free in Noosa.